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Punditry and Respect;Robbie Savage

I was watching fletchandSav on BT sports yesterday before the Aston Villa Chelsea game and not for the first time I heard Robbie Savage use the phrase “the worst team” to describe the Chelsea line up that Villa were about to play in a bit to drive home the point that Villa should be encouraged. It was great to see a more accomplished footballer in Ian Wright not agree with him and try to point out the quality of the players still in the Chelsea Line up.
I have never played football at the professional level and can’t say I know what it takes to be a professional footballer but I would like to think fellow professionals would have a better idea than I do and should not forget that when they sit in the cosy seat in the studio as pundits, some like Ian Wright definitely don’t  seem to have forgotten what it takes to be a professional footballer.

I looked at that Chelsea team it had; Ivanovic, Pedro, Fabregas, Courtois, Loic Remy,  and Azpilicueta. These players have honours that include the World cup, Champions League, European cup, Premier League, La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and Europa cup. Not to make this post any longer but that is a summary of the honours those guys have there are more. Then I had a very quick look at Robbie Savage and he has just a League Cup to his name the irony right. It is one thing to take offence to John Terry stating he only takes opinion of people who have played at the highest level but it is a bit hypocritical to use the phrase “The Worst team” so frequently to describe team line-ups considering you are an ex-pro who must know what it takes to be a professional footballer and might show a bit more respect to your colleagues.

Listening to Robbie at times one would think he was ex Barca or Madrid and had loads of laurels but it was heartwarming to see a more accomplished footballer in Ian Wright defend the quality out on the field yesterday.

Punditry is there to offer opinion but let us not lose respect for those giving pundits a platform to make analysis and provide a job for them in the first place particularly if you are ex-pro.

My two cents before I go watch Southampton throw spanner in the works as regards Leicester Premier League campaign.