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“The Small One”

"The Small One"
“The Small One”

Unfortunately I got to listen Jose Mourinho in his first official press conference as Manchester United manager and it was full of the same old boring classless jibes nothing new. I have always said it takes a small man to to make others look small so he comes across as an accomplished individual and that’s Mourinho’s default setting .

It was very amusing when asked about his record of bringing through young player,s he went immediately on the defensive with a prepared 49 name list of young players he had promoted who have now become “stars”. I was very surprised at the gathered press who some of its members have been so quick to bully Raheem Sterling and make him a scapegoat for England’s exit at the Euros but too scared to ask Jose for one name on that list.

I think someone needs to define youth development to Jose. Promoting a young player to the bench or handing him a debut then discarding of him after a handful of games is not developing youth it’s called filling in the gap or resting the senior players for more important games. I will be very interested to see how the media dissects that list in the coming days if they get to see it.

Wherever he goes he spares no expense to be successful  and going by the already confirmed signings at Manchester United that is not going to change but these are different times. The Premier league is a different beast now and  with all the money going into it the gulf between the established order has narrowed , outspending your opponent is not a guarantee of success.

Having to eat humble pie in his bullying episode with Eva Carneiro or that his players practically got rid of him at Chelsea last season has taught him nothing. It’s the same old small minded Jose who hasn’t  learned to respect his colleagues or the fact that he is not always the most important variable in the equation.