Mourinho’s leash at United can’t last



Jose Mourinho and Claudio Ranieri answered questions from the press yesterday as their respective teams prepare to face off in the community shield and listening to Jose, one thing is clear the guy just can’t help himself, it always has to be all about him.

Jose talking about previous automations in his United players and how they have to unlearn what they were taught under Van Gaal made him sound like he was the first manager taking over at United in about a century. I mean Sir Alex was at United for almost 30 years! If indeed it’s all about automation as Jose will have us believe then David Moyes must be some sort of wrecking genius to have erased all those decades of winning automations in his short time at Old Trafford. The reality is Jose feels the need to discredit his colleagues to make himself look amazing it’s some sort of complex . If there are habits that don’t align with your own philosophy then by all means change it, managers come and go at every club and I am sure they all have different approaches to how they will like to manage I don’t see the need publicising it and making it sound like some sort of insurmountable obstacle only overcome by the best .

Then the Swipe at Arsene and Klopp calling them unethical I just don’t understand, maybe with English not being his first language he is misunderstood at times with his use of phrases, words or terms.
Below is Arsene’s response taken from ESPN when he was asked about Pogba’s impending transfer to United;

When asked about the cost for the France midfielder, Wenger said: “It is completely crazy if you cannot afford to pay it. If you can afford to pay it you can justify it.

“It is completely crazy if you compare it to normal life. That is for sure. But we live in a world where every activity that is worldwide makes a lot of money.

“Football has become a worldwide competition and that is why clubs can afford to do it. Does it make sense in the way the player can give you that investment back? Nobody ever could calculate.

What exactly is unethical about responding to questions you are being asked by journalists? Coming from Jose it’s hypocritical knowing he has hit out at other managers even when questions concerning those managers haven’t been directed at him. He is just looking to pick fights what the media will call “mind games”.

Jose is not under pressure and he is taking swipes here and there already. I wonder how long United can keep him on that leash when things don’t go his way on the pitch.

4 thoughts on “Mourinho’s leash at United can’t last”

  1. I waited until after the game to comment :)

    I do agree that Jose always makes it seem like it’s all about him. He has always done this, so don’t think anyone is surprised about that.
    I do agree that the players have to unlearn things. It hasn’t been fun watching United for 3 seasons. I can only imagine he meant forgetting last 3 seasons and getting the winning mentality back. To be honest, how many of these players played under Sir Alex? Valencia, Smalling, Carrick, Young, Rooney. I am struggling to remember any others. Jones has been injured for a while so did not include him.

    In regards to the swipes…he did mention that he has also been “unethical” as well.
    A manager always has the choice to give their own opinion or just say they would rather not discuss other clubs or the price another club (especially his friend’s cub) is willing to pay for a player. I didn’t know Arsene said all that. To be fair, there was nothing wrong with that. The only thing I saw on Sky Sports was “Arsene Wenger calls Paul Pogba’s £100m fee ‘completely crazy”.
    To be honest, I didn’t read the article. I doubt if the grey one did as well, probably just the title….lol

    1. What you will call click baiting the media being hellbent on making it more dramatic off pitch than it’s supposed to be. They try very hard to make it less about what happens on the pitch as in football and more about drama these days. I hope the grey one catches on and does not bite. Oh yes and congrats on buying back what you practically gave away for free for a cool 89 million pounds. I wonder what those guys he left there must think? He has come back as the biggest star in the team!

      1. Lets just say he was on loan for 4 years (getting very good experience). Paying Juve 22.5 mill a year for that….lol

        I am sure there is a strategy in place to get the funds back. It’s all about marketing….and they just brought in 2 world class players :)

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