T – 19 days to the Premier League season


T-19 days to the new season
 T-19 days to the new season

Yes that’s right the new Premier League season is just 19 days away, It’s crazy how football time flies, didn’t Leicester just win the Premier League title? If you ask me I think these footballers don’t get enough rest regardless of how much they get paid, fingers crossed it’s not an injury plagued season for a number of them especially those that played the European Championships and the Copa America. To start the season I will be doing a preview of all the  20 clubs and their projected positions for the season.
After Leicester’s heroics last season I am inspired to venture into my gambling side,  will need to find a loose 100 pounds somewhere first and place 5 pounds on all 20 clubs! Yep anything worth doing at all is worth doing well my mum used to say.

One could say all the “super” managers are presently in the premier league and with the league awash with cash it’s going to be one interesting season! West Ham have been going all over Europe with their suitcase of money flashing the cash in their bid to sign a striker and are currently in negotiations to sign Carlos Bacca from Milan.  Then Manchester United have been put into a spot by the media who have helped Value Pogba at 100 million pounds! How is Pogba worth that much? The likes of Ronaldo and Bale when they went for world record fees could single handedly win games time and time again, I don’t see that with Pogba, Oh well I am not the one spending the money, it’s the cash money man Jose at the helm there and we all know how he likes to spend the cash. Jose’s boyfriend at Arsenal on the other hand is carrying his bag of change about Europe and the rest of the world trying to find a bargain. As an Arsenal fan it has taking me years to attain the Zen state when it comes to Arsenal transfers and I don’t plan to leave that state ever! My fellow Arsenal fans should consider this state too it helps with sanity at this time in the football season!

I will be previewing Arsenal tomorrow and their title hopes for the season, it’s sunny in my side of the world so it’s best to take advantage of it while it last, which is not very long in these parts, so off to the park I go.

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