Mourinho’s Third Coming



First and foremost I must say I am very gutted that Louis Van Gaal is no longer the manager at Manchester United. I will miss his masochistic horny conferences and how he just frustrated United fans. It was very gratifying to see me my Manchester United mates not talking Champions League football or just being very absent on general social media. Pfft those days are gone eh? They are already crawling out of the rocks they have been under the past three years.

Manchester United finally get their man or should I say the best man available for the job and it will be very interesting to see if he carries on with his antics in his final days at Chelsea. I would like to think his pride was hurt in the way it all went down and how he turned from being the media darling in his first coming to being ridiculed by them frequently in his second coming. We all know Mourinho’s biggest fan is himself so in  a league where he has to compete for attention with newcomers in Klopp, Conte, Pep and whoever ends up at Everton with the new money there, it will be interesting to see how he contends with that.
I am not the biggest fan of the man and his methods but he gets the job done wherever he has managed that has to be said, but I don’t know if he is the perfect fit for United considering his win at all cost mentality, penchant for bus parking and aversion to using young players. Rashford, Lindgard and Fosu-Mensah can’t be jumping with excitement at this appointment I would imagine.
I could never have imagined Harry Kane getting a chance under Jose, well he is Ed woodward’s and United’s problem now.

Manchester United in the last three years have spent just just over 310 million pounds for an FA cup and one miserable Champions League campaign where they didn’t make it out of the group stages. The Jose appointment sets the tone that they are desperate and want to return to the winners circle. Time like it always does will tell if it is the right appointment. With better players at Chelsea Jose made the worst defense of the Premier League title in history before he was sacked last season let’s not forget.

I am hoping in his third coming he has left the eye gouging, the complex for Pep, his obsession with Arsene and always having to be the centre of attention all behind him but this is Jose I am talking about…

7 thoughts on “Mourinho’s Third Coming”

  1. lol….Popping out from what rocks? Out of the 3 top trophies (excluding the Capital One cup) United won the FA cup. Yes, United missed out on top 4 but they will be back for sure.
    I do hope Mourinho plays Lingard, Rashford and especially Fosu-Mensah. Not sure about the likes of Depay. I honestly should not group Martial with the youngsters. He is on another level.
    For sure, the youngsters should play more of the Europa league and cup games.

  2. haha you know what rock I am talking about but let’s leave that, and yes Martial seems on another level compared to teh young guys thank LVG for that. Memphis is a close cosuin of Adebayor if you ask me there to flash but at least Adebayor was scoring goals in the early years. ” The youngsters should play more of the Europa League” this guy already confident of top four I see, no need for your big guns in that. Like I said I have grabbed my glass of Zobo and look forward to July for lots of eye gouging and moaning

    1. Hehe….no confidence there. I honestly do not think you can play the same players on Thursdays and expect them to be 100% for the weekend games. Maybe the younger players could get away with that :)
      It also gives them the chance to get more experience. These youngsters have already proven themselves, so would be a plus to have the big guns play with them. It’s all about getting the right balance.
      I do hope they play more games, but you never know with the grey one.

      1. The grey one sounds about apt hahaha. It is totally about balance you are right and that Mensah guy is a beast, I hope he is kept with the first team. I look forward with baited breath for the start of 2016/17 season with Pep, Klopp, Conte and in a small way Arsene coming up against the grey one. You guys are just about to be hated even more hehehe..

        1. Rivlary like old times. I can’t wait. Arsene could very well be the dark knight.
          Jose was wrong for saying the words “Specialist in Failure”. Arsene will never forgive him. You can think it but never say such…lol

          1. Hahaha “think it but not say it”. Dark horse oh please I’m an Arsenal fan and refuse to be a masochist and believe again please leave me with my lowly aspirations as regards next season. Even Ranieri has been the object of derogatory remarks from the grey one in the past only joined the majority praising him recently so he wouldn’t seem salty.

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