Is Mourinho really the answer at Old Trafford


Just got in from watching the match at a friends house and LVG pulled the rabbit out of the hat again avoiding consecutive defeats in 2 big games, he is either lucky or he makes it happen when he has to, so that’s Manchester United in the FA cup semi finals.  The “unplayable” Carroll as he was called by some sections of the media over the weekend was quiet for most of the game because he was starved of crosses. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out that if you stop crosses you practically nullify Carroll, it was impressive to see that Fosu Mensah an 18 year old full back with little experience in the first team was one of those tasked with stopping the service at source and he excelled at it  unlike his older counterparts at Arsenal. I also don’t think that it was a coincidence that when Mensah was substituted at Spurs they collapsed as his replacement Darmian had no clue.

If one is to believe all the stories linking Jose to Manchester United which I don’t,then Jose is the favourite for the job especially with Pep starting at City next season. Is Jose the right man for United though?
Say what you want about LVG but he has managed to unearth some gems in his troubled time at Old Trafford. Do Manchester United fans really want Jose to be their next manager knowing how he is with managing young talent or not managing them? Are you willing to sacrifice the tradition of bringing young boys through for someone whose primary focus is trophies and himself but is  not big on the academy or bringing young players through,remember  his after effects are still being felt at Chelsea.  You can be sure the likes of Fosu Mensah, Rashford and Lingard will be stunted as they will be shipped out on loan in favour of star players if Jose is appointed.
In Jose’s second spell in charge in the Premier League, Chelsea development teams won titles to include the FA youth cup, the Development league , and the UEFA youth league, add the numerous Chelsea players on loan all over the world, are you saying there are no gems from that group that could have been promoted to the senior squad or slowly integrated? Look at Kevin De Bryune, while he wasn’t an academy player he was a young player that wasn’t given the opportunity to develop under Mourinho and sold too quickly.

You will probably ask who else can do the job at Old Trafford? I will advise your board to go after Mauricio at Spurs as I don’t think Giggs is ready yet, although I would love LVG to stay and keep “Vangaling” you lot. Pochettino has the experience of doing good things with Southampton and presently excelling at Spurs on a much smaller budget and he is big on youth.

What do you Manchester United fans think Jose or no Jose? Before I forget that Rashford goal was a great great goal and according to one of my United friends Mensah is a beast  and it’s scary that he is just 18, I completely agree with his observations.

6 thoughts on “Is Mourinho really the answer at Old Trafford”

  1. Noice….and yes, Mensah is a beast!!!

    I think its 50/50 for Jose. I would prefer Pochettino though.
    With Jose, you are bound to get trophies at some point. The problem is that he’s not known for developing or trusting young players. He also has this 3rd season syndrome that could break any club.

    1. yes so you have to ask yourself are trophies worth having knowing you will be rebuilding in 3 years time like Chelsea are? He Jose creates a system that his entirely dependent on him and once he leaves that’s it. It’s not like you guys are like Arsenal who haven’t won a proper trophy in donkey years! Thanks for the comment.

      1. United need trophies sooner than later if they don’t want to become like Liverpool. Also need Champions league football.

        1. Well fair enough as it doesn’t look like you will be playing Champions league next season at the moment. I am definitely looking forward to next season with all the new managers coming head to head although this season has yet to end, but as an Arsenal fan as usual there is not much for me to look forward to at this stage of the season

  2. The odds are not looking good. Man City and Liverpool have to get knocked out from Europe….and then hope for Man City to drop points in the league.

    As for Arsenal….you guys really should have gone for Klopp. It will be interesting to see who comes in when Wenger steps down (or is asked to leave).

    1. As stubborn as he is I think if it get’s too much from the fans he will walk way after his contract ends in 2017. It will also say a lot about how much Jose wants the job if he is willing to start out with you guys in Europa

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