7 games to go..

7 games to go albeit some teams have a game in hand. Leicester don’t seem to be running out of steam with another 1 0 win away at Crystal Palace, they are definitely playing like champions elect. Arsenal blew Everton away at Goodison park with Iwobi and Danny on the score sheet. While Everton couldn’t have played any worse Arsenal seemed to find their combinations going forward again and managed to keep a solid shape when they didn’t have the ball. Koscielny and Gabriel managing to frustrate Lukaku for the whole 90 minutes in addition to the frustration he was getting from his team mates.
I was talking to a mate of mine after the game and was wondering where this Arsenal had been and he attributed it to lack of pressure which I didn’t exactly agree with. The loss at Old Trafford and Swansea had complacency written all over it, anyway that’s a discussion for another post.  I think the introduction of Elneny in the middle has helped give the team a balance with Welbeck and Iwobi upfront adding dynamism to the team going forward and I think the more Gabriel and Koscielny play together in that back four the more solid a unit they will become.

I noticed the atmosphere at Goodison was toxic for the Everton players with every misplaced pass booed and jeered. Fans have every right to be unhappy when their teams are not delivering but I am not sure jeering and booing during games does any good especially when they are 2 goals down. The same goes at the Emirates who have never been known to be the loudest bunch when it comes to rousing the team. As long as there is a chance the team can still do something it’s important fans get behind the team regardless, there is enough time to register protests and misgivings at the end of the season. Like Ian Wright said the people that should be the source of the anger really are Stan Kroenke and Dick Law. Arsenal fans must be wishing Usmanov was the highest shareholder now at least he wants to win trophies. Spurs play tomorrow and I am predicting a Bournemouth win or at worst a draw! The Arsenal in me speaking, still can’t imagine spurs finishing ahead of Arsenal!!!

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