Typical and Entitled Alan Shearer



England lost to Iceland yesterday with Roy Hodgson resigning immediately after the game. Listening to pundit after pundit lambast England it was evident some carried a degree of personal beef or agenda. Joseph Barton having a go at Gary Neville to quit as well and the worst of all was Alan Shearer. He is symptomatic of the entitlement culture of some the English players past and present. While on MOTD he claimed he approached the FA years back for the England job and was denied for lack of experience and the FA were right in turning him down in that regard. Just because he managed to win a single league title under Daglish at Blackburn Rovers, score the most goals in the Premier league to date and manage Newcastle into relegation given just a few games does not make him the right candidate for the England job. Maybe it’s because he sits on the cosy sofa in a studio with benefit of hindsight and replays suddenly makes him a good coach/manager? Ask Gary Neville it’s a whole different ball game down there on the touch lines.

Shearer is not the most accomplished player by any imagination at international and club level. More accomplished players at those levels are out there getting their hands dirty learning the ropes and starting from the bottom up. Even Gary Neville a more accomplished player at club level has taken risks that haven’t worked out yet. Dennis Berkamp works at Ajax not as manager, Jaap Stam just got a job at Reading after years behind the scenes, Thierry Henry who has won everything there is to win is completing his badges at Arsenal is yet to demand the French FA give him the manager’s job. Patrick Viera worked at Manchester City with the youth team before heading to the states to take up his first Managerial role. All these more accomplished ex players are getting their hands dirty and learning the ropes. Mr Shearer supreme sofa mouth box thinks he has talked enough to earn himself the role of manager of the English national team. Look in the mirror mate a lot of things you were accusing the England boys of last night are summed up in that one ¬†entitled statement of yours about managing England. Go out get your hands dirty give people a chance to sit on a comfy sofa in the studio and analyse what you are doing on the pitch. Everybody makes a great manager in front of the TV on their sofa.

Spain “Conted”



I have been late getting in on the Euros but it hasn’t been great watching till today’s game in my opinion. Straight to the point, the more I watch Italy under Conte the more I am getting excited about seeing him in the Premier League next season. Pep and Jose have hugged the headlines regarding the managerial changes in the Premier League next season and Conte is doing his reputation no damage at all with his team’s performance at the Euros. His antics on the touchline are very amusing to say the least. Look forward to him, Klopp, Pep and Jose in the dugouts in the Premier League.

Back to football, Italy came into this tournament with a very average looking team given a 16 to 1 odds to win the title, they have taken down Belgium now Spain. In defeating Belgium and Spain Conte employed different tactics, effectively carried out by his men in blue, at the moment no one will bet against Conte and his men going all the way.  His team are very hard working and run themselves into the ground to get job done, reminiscent of Leicester in their togetherness and fight for the cause.

They play Germany next and I look forward to seeing the armpit smelling chap pitch his wits against Conte. I have no doubt in my mind that Chelsea have bagged themselves a great coach in Conte.