Arsenal to romp in from behind win title? Yes or Naw

Feels like I have been given two Saturdays in a row woke up about 5am and didn’t know what to do with myself, thought of sorting my fantasy league then remembered it was a premier league free weekend. I should never complain about a four day weekend but some premier league games would have helped!

My Arsenal my Arsenal who happen to be the focus of today’s post as they make up the final trio of the title contenders as we enter the home stretch in the premier league, at least in my opinion they still have a chance. Like I did with Leicester and Tottenham in the two previous posts I will be having a look at their remaining fixtures and their title chances. The remaining Arsenal fixtures for the season are in the following order;

Watford(h), West Ham(a), Crystal Palace(h), West Brom(h), Sunderland(a), Norwich(h), Mancity(a), Aston Villa(h)

The fixtures don’t look that bad apart from West Ham away, Mancity away and maybe Sunderland away too. West Ham are still in the FA cup and have a replay 4 days after they play Arsenal. Slaven and his boys are really keen to win the FA cup, Pellegrini currently is trying his utmost best to make sure Pep starts his European adventure with Mancity in Europa and big Sam has struggled to beat Wenger since he left Bolton, so those three fixtures are not as bad as they actually look.  Like everybody else I honestly can’t say I know which Arsenal is going to be playing in any of those remaining games as Jekyll and Hyde don’t even come close to describing this team. In any case to win the league they have to finish the season perfect which I can’t see and can see at the same time.
From the remaining 8 games 5 are at home and I hope the fans realise this is not the time to be protesting this is a time to be firing the team with all that they have as long as there is still a slim chance of the title. Let’s also remember that if there is any team in this galaxy of ours that we live in that can devise the most difficult way to accomplish a task it’s Arsene and his boys!
So hold on tight to your seats the season is building up to end with a bang I will go as far to put in a prediction, the top three are going to finish like this; Arsenal, Leicester FC, Tottenham yep that’s my prediction. I was watching the game show Tipping Point yesterday and of the remaining three contestant this lady had just 200 pounds and was running  last  with a very slim chance of beating the rest with three rounds to go.  She won the remaining rounds and ended up winning, yes that’s my sign! I need help I know but I am a desperate Arsenal fan and I will grab at anything that mirrors our present situation.

Enjoy your Easter people as best as you can even if it’s without football , hit me up with your predictions people. How will the league table finish?

Tottenham to drop 8 points and end up behind Arsenal? Yes or Naw

Yesterday football lost a legend, the word legend is used very loosely these days in football but Johan Cryuff definitely was the epitome of the word legend. He changed the way football would be played forever. Barcelona the best team in the world right now are successful because of the foundations he built in his time there managing the club. Rest in peace Johan heaven has just gained the real special one.

Getting to today’s post Tottenham come under the spotlight concerning their remaining fixtures and title chances. Tottenham currently lie 5 points behind Leicester and 6 ahead of Arsenal although Arsenal have a game in hand. Tottenham’s remaining fixtures are in the order below;

Liverpool(a), Manutd(h), Stoke (a), West Brom(h), Chelsea(a), Southampton(h), Newcastle(a)

The fixtures above are all tricky and if it was the Tottenham team of old I could easily say I could see them dropping point in all but one of these games and that would be the West Brom game at home, but this Spurs team have a new resolve typical of their manager. Even with this new found resolve they are difficult fixtures as we enter the home stretch and I still see them dropping points especially against Liverpool, Stoke, Chelsea and Southampton at home. Manutd at home? You never know which LVG team you are going to get, West Brom are usual spoilers with Tony at the helm but with them looking safe I think that should be easy for Tottenham and the Newcastle away game being the final game of the season, depending on where Newcastle are in the table that could be a tough tough game.

Tottenham do have a difficult run in, probably the most difficult of the present top 3 which kind of brings a little smile to my face as it will be a true test for this young side Pochettino is moulding. Cynical I know, blame the Arsenal fan in me.

The first couple of game weekends post international break  could serve up a twist in the title race. Imagine if Tottenham lose against Liverpool and Leicester beat Southampton or it’s the other way around and Arsenal win against Watford. The more I preview the permutations the more excitement I think this season still has to offer.

Ending with a Johan Cryuff quote; “football is a game of mistakes. whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins”. That could certainly be what determines the title with seven games left and may I add luck too, considering all the dodgy refereeing that’s rife in the Premier League this season. Mike Dean please stay away!!!

Have good Easter people will be back on Saturday to preview Arsenal, oh tomorrow is Saturday so that means tomorrow.

Leicester to drop 10 points in 7 games? Yes or Naw

It’s the international break and there is not a lot going on regarding the premier league so I have decided to preview the remaining games the top three teams have left and their title chances starting with Leicester today. As it stands they are the favourites for the title, with that so called crack still yet to materialise and with every game won by Leicester as the season reaches conclusion, we are in danger of being exposed to Gary Lineker in his underwear on MOTD at the start of next season! Worried I am…

Leicester’s remaining games are in the following order;

Southampton (h,) Sunderland(a), West Ham( h), Swansea(h), Manutd(a), Everton(h), Chelsea(a)

Leicester currently lie 5 points ahead of Spurs and 11 ahead of Arsenal although Arsenal have a game in hand against West Brom. From the fixtures above can Leicester drop 5 points or even 8 to give the chasing London pair any kind of hope for the title? My answer is yes; the next home game against Southampton is a tricky one and I wouldn’t rule out a draw. Sunderland away is tough especially with big Sam and his boys fighting relegation, that could be another draw or even a surprise loss. Then comes home games against West Ham and Swansea which I think are winnable although West Ham are fighting for top four too, this game will be trickier of these two home fixtures. The last three games against Manutd, Everton and Chelsea could actually all end up draws you know.
If my maths is anything to go by Leicester could actually drop 10 points as we approach the home stretch of this crazy crazy season.

Leicester fans don’t bite my head off, just permutations on what could happen or could it be what I want to happen  being an Arsenal fan harbouring tiny tiny hope of the title even though I claimed I was resigned to it being lost already. Yes yes you get the peak into a crazy mind of an Arsenal fan or should I say sad. Let me get back to the post at hand.

The other big thing to look at is what happens to the Ranieri’s boys and their mindset when they drop points and the chasing pack gain on them in the home stretch? It’s very new territory for them, but then again they were in a relegation battle this time last year and that may help in some way even though this time around it’s a title fight. That relegation fight might have actually prepared them for this but hey who knows? Leicester are on a roll and I would rather them than Spurs, but with the crazy season we have had so far a lot could still change come May when the title destination is finally decided. It could be a hell of a ride and more exciting than the Agueeeeeero screams that marked the end of the 2011/12 season I can still hear it as I type.

Arsenal aren’t the only big club behind Leicester

If I had fallen from another planet and was watching the premier league I would have been puzzled by the rhetoric directed mainly at Arsenal for the weird season that has Leicester and Spurs jostling for the premier league title while the other top clubs get some sort of free pass.
Arsenal seem to be the only club guilty of performing badly in a season where City who spent millions on Otamendi, Sterling and De bruyne risk playing in Europa next year. If you ask me I think Pellegrini is setting Pep up to play in Europa. Manchester united have spent close to 300 million pounds since LVG arrived and I haven’t factored in how much Moyes spent in his short stint there and they have won zilch in that time as in absolutely nothing. Chelsea the last time I checked, hiddink was happy he had managed to steer the team away from relegation, some sort of achievement I would think. Reading through social media and the media in general one would think there was a different league table which the other clubs are competing in with the disparity with which Arsenal are criticised so much for being behind Leicester in the league table.
I am not immune to the fact that Arsenal seemed to have entered their choking period in the season and passed with flying colours but they seem to be the only ones under the spotlight for being behind Leicester when resources are being compared.

Have Arsenal missed a chance to romp to the title this year oh yes they have but if we all take a look at the whole picture, resources invested versus where respective clubs are standing the other clubs should be equally under the spotlight. Arsenal as we know are the perennial underachievers.

7 games to go..

7 games to go albeit some teams have a game in hand. Leicester don’t seem to be running out of steam with another 1 0 win away at Crystal Palace, they are definitely playing like champions elect. Arsenal blew Everton away at Goodison park with Iwobi and Danny on the score sheet. While Everton couldn’t have played any worse Arsenal seemed to find their combinations going forward again and managed to keep a solid shape when they didn’t have the ball. Koscielny and Gabriel managing to frustrate Lukaku for the whole 90 minutes in addition to the frustration he was getting from his team mates.
I was talking to a mate of mine after the game and was wondering where this Arsenal had been and he attributed it to lack of pressure which I didn’t exactly agree with. The loss at Old Trafford and Swansea had complacency written all over it, anyway that’s a discussion for another post.  I think the introduction of Elneny in the middle has helped give the team a balance with Welbeck and Iwobi upfront adding dynamism to the team going forward and I think the more Gabriel and Koscielny play together in that back four the more solid a unit they will become.

I noticed the atmosphere at Goodison was toxic for the Everton players with every misplaced pass booed and jeered. Fans have every right to be unhappy when their teams are not delivering but I am not sure jeering and booing during games does any good especially when they are 2 goals down. The same goes at the Emirates who have never been known to be the loudest bunch when it comes to rousing the team. As long as there is a chance the team can still do something it’s important fans get behind the team regardless, there is enough time to register protests and misgivings at the end of the season. Like Ian Wright said the people that should be the source of the anger really are Stan Kroenke and Dick Law. Arsenal fans must be wishing Usmanov was the highest shareholder now at least he wants to win trophies. Spurs play tomorrow and I am predicting a Bournemouth win or at worst a draw! The Arsenal in me speaking, still can’t imagine spurs finishing ahead of Arsenal!!!

“Muggy Banner” and its kind not welcome

Arsenal win at Hull yesterday  4 0 and a not very bright individual felt it was an appropriate time time to unfurl a banner asking Wenger to leave. Ian Right had a problem with it and rightly so no pun intended, the not so bright individual then took the twitter to hurl insults at an Arsenal legend in Ian Right.
If we are honest Arsenal fans are definitely  not one of the loudest bunch in the country! Can they do better in getting behind the team?  Can the team and Wenger do better regarding performances and results? Do fans have a reason to be upset with recent performances? Have Arsenal underachieved so far this season? The answers to all the questions above is a resounding yes.
While I am of the opinion the title is beyond us, the season is not over by any means and the best the fans can do at this point in time is to get behind the team! There is a time and a place for everything and unfurling a cheap “muggy banner” asking Wenger to leave after a 4 0 victory that takes the team into the quarter-final could only be the work of one who is not so bright and attention seeking.

Respect begets respect and as they say manners maketh man. Some individuals feel because they have let go of some form of legal tender to be at football matches they have the right to behave in any way possible. You can protest, you can let yourself be heard but remember not at the detriment of the team and being a fan involves getting behind your team even when it hurts! So do what’s right first get behind the team and suspend all “muggy banners” till the end of the season. All is not completely lost believe me when I say I am trying to convince myself too. C’mon Arsenal!!!!

Any win is good for confidence

Arsenal managed their first win in six games beating Hull 4 0 in the FA cup replay. Hull must be sick and tired of seeing Arsenal at any stage of the FA cup now. Three years in a row now that Arsenal have gotten rid of them in the cup and in all of those years Arsenal have gone on to win the cup, maybe they are now Arsenal lucky cup team.

My take from the game; Eleny has a good shooting technique, does the simple things well and is always looking to pass the ball forward, I think the axis of him and Coquelin will work very well the more they play together although he needs to be stronger in the tackle but that will come with time. I am never happy when any Arsenal player gets injured but I think Campbell playing on the right as a result of Ramsey’s injury bodes well. With Sanchez on the left of that midfield anchor of Eleny and Coquelin it gives the team a better look  with regards to pace and dynamism and Campbell does have an eye for a good pass! Walcott and Giroud managed to score two goals today, hopefully it will be good for their confidence going forward. Iwobi is a good good player always willing to take players on with the ball always sticking to him, if you ask me I think he has a bright bright future. It was a good professional game by all concerned today and I hope they are ready to go again at the Emirates on Sunday against watford.
The victory was at a cost though losing Mertesacker, Gabriel and Ramsey to injuries fingers crossed they are not out for a long time.
Apologies for not doing any piece on the North London Derby I am sure you all satiated with that by now.

See you guys at the weekend and hoping Arsenal make it two wins in a row any kind of win now is good for confidence regardless of the opposition. Oh yes and if you ask me Chambers is a centre back did well there!