Wenger rewarding mediocrity

I am resigned to the fact that this Arsenal team does not have what it takes when the chips are down. They faced a very young Manchester United team at Old Trafford and still managed to lose and lose without fight, composure and commitment.

I was speaking with a close friend during the week after the Barca game and I was like if Arsenal played every game in the premier league the way they played against Barcelona in the first 70 minutes they would win the league and would have been topping the table already. The way they hassled and transitioned into a structured shape when they didn’t have the ball was a serious positive a positive they didn’t take into today’s game.  Every player tracked back midweek regardless of who in the Barca team was with the ball. In today’s display there was an  underlying arrogance there was no need to be that switched on and they would rock up and beat this young United side. Rooney was not in the starting line up and no one in the Arsenal team thought it was important to keep an eye on Rashford including Arsene when he was speaking in his post-match  saying Rashford was the surprising one with his movement.

I am a staunch Wenger fan but I think the time has come when he has to begin to evaluate his methods and if he can really take this team any further than he has.  Any team to a degree is a reflection of its manager, Oxlade Chamberlain starting midweek and Walcott starting today was Wenger rewarding mediocrity, It’s endorsing the idea I don’t have to be at my best to make the team. The two English men have done nothing this season to deserve starting ahead of Joel Campbell. A mentality that trickles down the whole team “there will always be a next time or it’s ok when I don’t give my best.
It’s tiring when Wenger keeps using the same phrases like; “we lost concentration” ” We were naive” season upon season to describe the same players.
The time has come when he has to begin to think that some of these players are not good enough or he is the problem with his approach. Spurs have a less gifted team player for player but their mental fortitude this season is testament to the new manager in charge and how the team have taking on his mentality.

5 points is not a lot with 33 points to play for but like David Platt said today you don’t see this Arsenal team going away and winning.

What do you guys think? Should the board begin to look for a Wenger replacement because Wenger has taken this team as far as he can? Do you agree with me that he rewards mediocrity?


Arsenal defence let down against Barcelona

I watched the game with no expectation of an Arsenal result to be honest, but with the way Arsenal started I became hopeful and in the most “Arsenalistic” way they lose 0 2. I was surprised with Chamberlain  in the starting lineup I still don’t feel he has done enough to keep Joel Campbell on the bench. He fluffed his lines as usual when he he should have been calmer in front of goal and then dribbled straight into Mascherano on a counter with Ozil and Giroud waiting.

Looking at the two goals the captain of the day had a hand in both. There were several chances to stop the first goal and Mertesacker should have been more cynical when he slid to intercept the pass to Neymar, he missed the ball and Neymar was in on goal, the rest is history. The second goal Per kick the ball out of defence instead of trying to play out! His loose touch activated the rash Flamini who conceded a penalty within 47 seconds of coming on, that must be some record! All that hard work and Arsenal do a big poo all over themselves. I still don’t know what Wenger was thinking bringing Flamini on for Coquelin, for crying out loud he rested him at the weekend Coquelin should have been able to play the full 90mins.

Apart from the first half when Sanchez help carry the ball forward he was poor and gave the ball away a number of times and with all the assist Ozil has in the Premier League he didn’t stand up to be counted today in such a big game begs the question why he was rested against Hull.

The Arsenal defence were actually let down today by the attack today. Poor finishing and misplaced passes did not compliment the hard work of Bellerin, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey and Koscielny. There were some good that could be taken from this game, Arsenals shape, the high pressing and Ramsey’s discipline to help Coquelin, I wonder why we don’t see more of this in the Premier League. If you ask me this tie is over and the worrying thing is Arsenal are still not scoring.

The next game is against Manchester United and I hope the OX is on the bench and Campbell starts in his place.